Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Fantasy Packs

After a too long hiatus from posting, I have some exciting new packs to announce over the next couple of days.  First, I have added a pack to the wood elf range.  The wood elf necromancer was driven mad after his grove was assaulted by orcs and in his crazed state, he turned from sorcery to necromancy and revived his loyal treeman and bear companions.  This will be a fun pack to add to any wood elf army.

Wood Elf Necromancer and Companions

Second, the Sons of Horus have a new addition in the form a Beast of Ammut.  Taken from Egyptian mythology, the Beast of Ammut will provide the Sons of Horus with another useful unit.

Beast of Ammut
You can see them and purchase them at www.splinteredlightminis.com .  Thanks!


Dunc said...

Hi David.
Good news to see things moving again. Any more SSL additions or ranges in the pipeline?

Splintered Light Minis said...

I am hoping to have some more animals done up pretty soon but no clear idea on a time-table.