Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Through the Fury to the Dawn

Towards the end of 2011 my brother-in-law Stu Jones released his first novel .  It is a post-apocalyptic novel and lots of fun.  It treads a tough course of holding Christian spiritual themes while also showing the brutality of a world after a nuclear holocaust.  The book hosts a number of really fun characters and the protagonists must face sicks (zombies), giant ants, and ruthless gangers.

Character Set


Here is the write-up on amazon: At thirty-two years old, police officer Kane Lorusso has just been diagnosed with a strange terminal heart condition, which means with the healthcare industry in shambles, he has no hope of receiving a transplant and his days are numbered. He will never play ball with his son or get to see his daughter married. “That’s it,” he thinks as his wife bows her head in silent meditation. “Pray to the God who disabled me.” Little does he know that God is far from finished with him. On a cool, April morning, the world violently comes to an end in a fury of disease, war, and nuclear destruction. Kane, a bitter agnostic, is torn to his foundation by the realization that the God of the universe has preserved him for a reason. Testing a newfound faith, he must forge alliances with the other chosen: Molly, a young mute; Courtland, an aging professional athlete; and a mysterious Native American boy and his wolf-like companion. Far outnumbered, they are preyed upon by ghoulish, cannibalistic mutants and pursued by a merciless gang of bandits led by a vicious psychopath named Malak, who demented by an unimaginably sinister power, will stop at nothing to see Kane and his friends dead. Kane finds that the road to redemption is paved equally with terror and hope as he struggles to fulfill God’s purpose and become the man both Heaven and Earth need him to be. A book about redemption, perseverance, faith, and conviction, Through the Fury to the Dawn is sure to appeal to those who enjoy books packed with high-speed action, adventure, gritty realism, science fiction, and fantasy that will leave them with both a compelling and positive message when they reach the final page. Author Stu Jones wants readers to perceive his book, “As a crossover, and an indication that Christian-themed fiction does not solely have to depict a watered down, candy-coated version of conflict and evil.” Readers will find that very few writers have so far dared to bridge this gap.


Giant Ant

As a surprise, I decided to do up a line of 15mm figures from the book.  I commissioned Faron Betchley to sculpt these for me and he did a fantastic job.  The boxed set contains the 7 main characters from the book as well as 4 generic survivors, 6 gangers, 6 giant ants, and 12 zombies.  For each $25 set sold, I will donate $10 to Out of Darkness, an organization committed to helping end sex-trafficking slavery.  You can buy the figures here .


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