Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Greens for Druid's Children

Good evening.  Bob Olley has sent more pictures of some greens and the greens themselves are on the way to the moldmaker and caster.  I am really excited about these as they will complete two more hero packs.  The Faithful pack will have a prairie dog scout, a frog hero, a turtle wizard, an aardvark hero, and a raccoon highwayman.  The Rebel pack will have a coyote hero, a jungle rat chieftain, a jungle rat shaman, a possum hero, and a skunk hero.  The pictures he sent are small, but hopefully will give you a rough sense of what to expect.

Prairie Dog Scout

Frog Hero

Turtle Wizard

Aardvark Hero

Raccoon Highwayman

Possum Hero

Skunk Hero

Coyote Hero, Jungle Rat Shaman, Jungle Rat Chieftain


Kobold said...

Love the not-Cerebus the Aardvark figure :) and the Highwayraccoon - actually, they're all really cool!

Anonymous said...

YES! Frog hero is completely awesome. Have been waiting for SLM Frogs for awhile as you know and you didn't disapoint.

Love the other figures too - turtle and aardvark are especially good.


Splintered Light Minis said...

Yes, I cannot wait to get my hands and the paintbrush on these as well.

Ben, just to let you know there will be at least one pack of frogs coming out and likely more after.

Kobold, Cerebus is one of my favorite characters of all time so having an aardvark hero was a must.

doc mcb said...

David's middle name is Robson after my friend Robson Wills who was killed in VietNam. Rob was also a huge fan of Cerebus, AND his dry wit and rather acerbic outlook (he wrote a musical comedy about trench warfare in WWI) remind me of Cerebus.

doc mcb said...

Actually I see I'm remembering wrong, since C didn't start publication until 1977. The comparison still stands, however, and Rob WOULD have been a Cerebus fan!

doc mcb said...

If you want to know where your sweetheart is, parlez vous;

I know where he is, I know where he is, parlez vous;

I know where he is, he isn't far, he's hanging on the front line wire,

Hinky-dinky, parlez-vous?

Note that in Texas "far" and "wire" do rhyme. (Barbed wire" is pronounced "bob-war.")

Eli Arndt said...

Great minis all around. Nice to see the range of animals growing.

Atom Kid said...

These are great! I love the Turtle Wizard!