Monday, May 17, 2010

Painted Orcs from Ben Siens

Good evening.  Ben Siens, the sculptor of the Orc/Goblins and Dark Elves in the 15/17mm fantasy lines has sent me some pictures of some painted figures.  I think his paint jobs are fantastic and really show how great a job he did sculpting these figures

First, is the troll with club and goblin wizard (ORC06).

Next, is an assortment of orcs, goblins, and a troll with a rock.

Next is the giant warg (ORC05).

Next, is an orc taskmaster.  This is a big, mean dude!

Finally, is the dark elf dragonman warrior and sorceress.

Thanks to Ben for sharing these!

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RebelMike said...

These are awesome! As always, great job!