Friday, May 14, 2010

Druid's Children Greens 1

One of my favorite moments as a miniature company owner is when a box of greens arrive.  Today I received a box of new Druid's Children sculpts from Bob Olley.  I will show them over the next couple of days, but the first up is a pack of villager personalities.  The pack will have 6 figures: a toad gentleman, a mole gentleman, a badger gentleman, a rat gentleman, a rabbit gentleman, and a muskrat lady.  These should be molded and cast up by the end of May or early June.


Eli Arndt said...

Though I do think the Victorian dress sets these figures a bit apart fro mthe rest of the DC line, I do love the fact that the cast of The Wind In The Willows is now available in miniature.


Karl said...

Agreed. Great "wind" set. I was so hoping for a more redwall/SSL vibe in line with the rest of the line, but fine figs nonetheless. The tipping hat is priceless.

Anonymous said...

These really do look fantastic.
I'll buy a couple of sets - these figs are just screaming out for a diorama!
Fantastic stuff David.

Noel Vh said...

Very nice stuff. My daughter will like these very much. Sorry but I have to wait till summer before I buy some dudes. Vacation is this month and sucks all my money up.