Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Painted Goblin Huts

Just wanted to post a quick picture of some goblin huts painted by my dad. They are under the fantasy building section at the SLM website. The shaman tent is being molded right now so hopefully will be ready to add to the bunch soon.

I see these as being very useful for skirmish gaming as well as camps for games like HOTT or just general battlefield terrain.


Splintered Light Minis said...

Hmmm. These are big pictures but I still cannot seem to get them where people can click on them.

Bob Barnetson, PhD said...

When you are in blogger, go to the "settings" tab and look at the bottom of the basic option. It allows you to select editors. If you select the new editor, it shows you your pictures while you are tping but then doesn't allow clicking through them to larger versions.

If you select the "old editor", to gives you HTML tags in lieu of pictures when you are composing but allows viewers to them click through. You can see what pictures are what while composing by hitting the "preview" button on the top right of the composing window.

This seems like a stupid system to me but perhaps there is something in the background that I don't understand that requires it.

Bob in Edmonton

Splintered Light Minis said...

Awesome! Thanks. I will try that tonight with the next post.

ADB said...

If you are using a PC load Picasa from Google and set up a web album account FOC on Google.
Then load Microsofts blogging tool called Live Writer and first time in link it to the blogger and Picasa accounts.

Use Picasa to manage the pictures and export the large size pictures from here to a local folder on the PC. Then edit the blog in Live Writer and import the picture from the export folder. As you import and post Live Writer creates and small version for the blog page and uploads both to your Picasa web albums creating the relevant link.

I find this a lot simpler than the in built editor but it does mean you need to plan the picture / edit / export / blog / upload a little more.